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Hilton Head Bike Trails

Miles of Bike Trails on Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island offers many activities for the whole family to enjoy. After trying some thrilling water-based activities, perhaps you will be ready to take an amazing journey by land. Sticking to slow means of travel will allow you to really discover what the island is all about. One of the best ways to explore the island by land is on bicycles, using the many miles of bike trails that Hilton Head provides. Exploring by bicycle allows you to cover more ground than walking and lets you really experience the beauty of the island.

The Town of Hilton Head offers a lot for recreational bike riders. There are more than sixty miles of public pathways and nature trails for pedestrians and cyclists, and another fifty miles of pathways and shared roadways within private developments, which are for the use of residents of the communities, renters, and their guests.

If your exploration by water leads you to want to explore more on land, then you will find plenty of interesting sites to see and safe places for you and your family to ride bikes on Hilton Head. From the beautiful beaches to the banks of the Calibogue Sound and throughout the settlements of the island, there are many interesting sites to explore and plenty of family fun to entertain you.

Hilton Head prides itself on the ecological sensitivity of its development. This eco-friendly sensibility means that it’s a perfect place for an eco-vacation. Whether you decide to travel by bike, on foot, or by water in a pontoon boat, kayak or Paddleboard, slow travel is most definitely the best way to enjoy a green and sustainable vacation on Hilton Head Island

You can find a map of the recreational pathways on Hilton Head Island. This brochure will also tell you more about the rules of the pathway as well as providing some key safety tips to help your family or friends cycle safely on the island.

After seeing what the island has to offer by land, it’s time to head back to the water to continue your Hilton Head adventure. H2O Sports will be waiting to provide you and your family with the most fun under the sun. Whether it’s flying high above the island on a parasail trip, touring Hilton Head’s waterways and inlets by kayak or paddleboard, racing across the water on jetski’s, or sailing the high seas, there’s something fun for everyone to enjoy at H2O Sports!

For more interesting facts about Hilton Head, cool pictures, and the many fun things to do on Hilton Head Island, visit us at www.h2osports.com or give us a call at (843) 671-4386 to book your fun-filled day on the water! 

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