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Learn About Bottlenose Dolphins on a Hilton Head Dolphin Tour

When you take to the waters around Hilton Head Island you are almost certain to pique the interest of some of the most intelligent occupants of that water – the bottlenose dolphins. Their intelligence means that they often show a lot of interest in human beings and seem to enjoy sporting and playing along side us as we join them in their element. But before you head off on a lovely Hilton Head dolphin tour, take the time to learn a little more about the amazing and charismatic bottlenose dolphin.

The bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, lives in pods, groups with sophisticated social structures of family and seeming friendship. Bottlenose dolphins are great at problem solving and have often been shown, in captivity and in the wild, to come to the aid of an injured dolphin, coming together to aid their companion. They also work together to get their prey and, it seems, simply to have fun. They are 3-4.2m in length and a mature dolphin will weigh around 500kg.

These amazing creatures can swim at a speed of up to around 18 miles an hour. They can leap from the waves to a height of almost 5m before crashing back down onto the water’s surface. They can be and have been trained to perform some amazing stunts, but they are definitely seen at their best free in their natural environment.

Dolphins communicate with one another using a sophisticated language of whistles and squeaks and use an advanced ecolocation technique to track their prey. Astonishingly, they can make up to around 1,000 clicks per second. The sound bounces back to the dolphin from underwater objects so the location, size and shapes of their target is revealed to them.

Dolphins are sometimes as intrigued by us, it seems, as we are by them. It is important that dolphins living here in the wild are not fed, as it is best that they are able to continue their natural feeding practices undisturbed. Learn about and respect these clever creatures and you will be able to enjoy watching them enjoying their environment around Hilton Head Island.

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