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Interesting Facts about Hilton Head Dolphins

Interesting Facts about Hilton Head Dolphins

Hilton Head dolphins are a species of bottlenose dolphins which are quite special, at least our visitors and residents think so. The most commonly known facts about dolphins are that they are mammals who squawk and squeak to communicate, and they are extremely smart. However, that’s not even half the story behind these beautiful water dwellers.

What do dolphins eat?

Dolphins eat much more than you could ever imagine! They average adult dolphin, weighs 1,100 lbs., and to sustain this weight, they need to consume roughly 50 lbs. of fish or bottom dwelling invertebrates per day. A nursing mother Dolphin will eat up to 80 lbs. per day. They eat almost any type of smaller fish or shrimp, and will adapt their diet to what is available in their location, once again highlighting their ability to change for their survival.They grow to an average length of 10-14 ft. with a lifespan of 10-25 years in the wild, but this can extend up to 45-50 years while living in captivity.

What sounds do dolphins make?

Everyone has heard the strange squeaky sounds that they make. These sounds are part of the dolphin’s extremely complex communication system. Scientists are a bit baffled by the intricacies of their language and have not been able to decipher it. Dolphins can make hundreds of different sounds and combinations of sounds. In fact, the dolphins have a name for each other within their pods. One dolphin can call another one by its name! They can communicate with each other and this certainly contributes to their social nature.They also are capable of being very loud – so much so that they can stun a fish! They also make a clicking sound, called echo sounding, which is what they use to locate prey and to navigate. It works much the same as a bat’s sonar. With this technique, they can also determine the size and shape of the prey.

Interesting Facts about Hilton Head Dolphins

Is that dolphin smiling at me?

Bottlenose dolphins always appear to be smiling and having fun due to their curved mouth shape which is thought to be a physical trait that helps them to catch fish. They breathe thru a blow-hole located on top of their head, and they only need to surface 1-2 times per minute for air. If they are closer to the surface then they tend to breathe more often, but if they are diving deep to get food, they can remain submerged for up to 4-5 minutes. They are quite able to evolve and change behaviors, if it’s necessary for their own survival.

Where do dolphins live?

Dolphins are very communal. They travel in social groups or pods, and will often work together cooperatively. They have been known to join together to lift an injured dolphin to the water’s surface, they often gather into teams to hunt food, or one dolphin will help a new mother care for her calves. In Brazil, the dolphins are even helping the local fisherman to catch fish. The fishermen stand waist deep in the water and throw their nets out by hand. The dolphins then round up the fish, then communicate by sounds and body movements to alert the fisherman to the fish and where to throw their nets.

Fun Facts about Hilton Head Dolphins!

Dolphins are also capable of emotions such as joy or sorrow, and they are quite smart. The dolphin brain is larger and weighs approximately 18% more than the human brain Science has determined that these size characteristics are directly relevant to the amount of intelligence they could possibly possess. They have already seen that these beautiful animals are capable of learning quickly and understanding complex instructions. We just don’t know exactly how much dolphins can understand or learn, but we do know our Hilton Head dolphins are the very best of all the Bottlenose dolphins!

We know how lucky we are to have them live here with us and we are very happy to be able to see them playing in the water every day. Let us introduce you to these beautiful creatures on one of our Dolphin Tours. Then you and your family will be able to love them as much as we do.

Come learn about Hilton Head Island’s captivating wildlife. We would love for you to meet the dolphins and alligators of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on one of our tours. Visit our website at H2oSports.com or give us a call at (877) 290-4386 for more information on how to get the fun started.

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