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Discover Daufuskie Island – There’s More than Meets the Eye

Get ready for an amazing island getaway! Although it’s only a quick boat ride from Hilton Head, Daufuskie Island can make you feel like you’re a world away. The first impression is of a pleasant island where you can play a round of golf, take a tour, or enjoy one of the many eateries that Daufuskie has to offer. But when you delve a little deeper, you will find that there is much more to this island that originally meets the eye. Look beyond the resort facilities and tourist areas and you will find a place with a fascinating natural and human history – a place that has changed very little in the past hundred years.

Daufuskie-Island-MapThe enduring nature of Daufuskie Island, thanks in no small part to local conservancy groups, is part of the reason for the island’s appeal. The natural world of the island and its wildlife are able to endure, relatively undisturbed by the modern world. Among the interesting animals to be found on the island is the fox squirrel. This is just one of the animals you can see as you tour the island on foot or by golf cart, or if you take a boat ride to explore the island’s marshland and waterways.

The human history has also allowed many historic buildings to be retained here. There are a number of Gullah houses that have endured here, unaltered since the end of the Civil War. The descendants of some Gullah people still live on the island, on land that their ancestors have owned for hundreds of years. Daufuskie Island’s oldest building is the First Union Baptist Church, which is still used to this day as a place of worship. Among the other buildings on the island, you will also find the historic lighthouse, which dates back to the 19th Century.

Even if you are simply visiting the island for a round of golf at one of the four amazing golf courses, you will find much more than well designed greens and interesting play. Amazing sound, ocean, and marsh views will greet your gaze and the peaceful vibes of the island will permeate your being for the most restful and relaxing of vacations.

Ready to get away from the daily grind and spend a relaxing day discovering Daufuskie Island? H2O Sports offers the quickest and most convenient way to get there. It’s only a 10-minute ride from the Harbour Town Marina on the Daufuskie Island Water Taxi. Once there, you will have plenty of fun activities to choose from. Enjoy a day of golf at Melrose or Bloody Point, rent golf carts and go exploring, take a guided tour of the island, or enjoy the local cuisine. No matter which activity you choose, you will be in for plenty of fun along with a taste of history.

For more interesting facts about Hilton Head, cool pictures, and the many fun things to do on Hilton Head Island, visit us at www.h2osports.com or give us a call at (843) 671-4386 to book your fun-filled day on the water! 

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