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Discover the Amazing Wildlife of the Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Take a Hilton Head alligator tour by electric boat to discover the delights of Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Of course the star of the show are the alligators themselves, huge beasts of these freshwater swamps whose connection with this picturesque place stretches off into the distant past. These huge beasts are a part of this place and are a big part of its unique character. But there is other wildlife and a fascinating landscape to be seen on these tours, and it would be a shame not to tear your gaze from those breathtaking beasts, the alligators, to see what other amazing things you might discover about the Sea Pines Forest Preserve.

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve area is a refuge for wildlife habitat preservation and conscientious outdoors recreation. It has a long and fascinating history, both its natural history and its human history offer plenty of fascinating facts to be discovered. The natural wonders preserved here are typical of the native delights across the Low Country of South Carolina. There are freshwater lagoons and swampland, agricultural land, forests and waterways, all of which tie together to create this landscape best explored by boat.

For a long time, people have made their mark here. Nomadic Indians roamed here, taking advantage of the area’s abundant resources around 4,000 years ago. The shell ring they made, which was probably used in their ceremonies and festivals, can still be seen here today. From the 1700s this area was mostly used for farming rice, indigo and cotton, hunting and harvesting timber. But it is due to the foresight and astuteness of the Fraser family, who established a preserve here in 1959 and continued to develop it throughout the following three decades that we can enjoy the access and recreational options here that we can today.

If it had not been for the massive changes wrought throughout the 20th Century, we would not have the Sea Pines Forest Preserve that we see today. This is a region shaped by and for man, but one to which the alligators also stake a very definite claim.

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