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An Amazing Adventure Awaits You – Your Kids Will Thank You

Remember the old family vacations, where everyone piles into the station wagon, including the smelly dog, and off you went to Grandma’s house 17 hours away?  Those trips where the air conditioning in the car always broke and your younger sister slept half on top of you drooling, while your older sister pouted her distaste mile after mile. You were stuck playing the infamous license plate game, as your parents tried to keep you entertained. It was terrible, but that’s not how your vacation has to be. Now that YOU are the parent, you have the option do ANYTHING! So why not take an amazing adventure?

Being a parent now, you have an opportunity to make family vacations cool once again. Imagine taking a vacation that your kids love and makes them want to spend more time with you! It can happen… You can make it happen.  Just bring the family to H2O Sports on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

At H2O Sports, you and the family will never run out of fun activities and adventures to enjoy. You can kick off the day with an Alligator Tour by boat, which will bring you up close to these wild water beasts in their natural habitat. The kids’ eyes will certainly get big when they see how large and impressive these majestic animals really are in person. During the tour, you will learn how they live and hunt. Your tour guide will give you all the swamp alligators’ secrets and you will likely jump out of your seat as one swims stealth-like next to your boat. The kids will be on Facebook and Twitter posting pictures and telling their friends all about the alligators, before they even leave the boat! Score one for family vacation!

Now the next stop on your family vacation has to be the Banana Boat Ride at H2O Sports. Lather on the sunscreen and off you go, as you tour 4 miles of water around the beautiful South Carolina islands. The 2-sided inflatable Banana Boat is towed by an H2O power boat through the Calibogue Sound. We know your family’s safety is vitally important to you, so you will have a US Coast Guard commercial licensed tour guide with your group on the Banana Boat. In fact, all of the H2O tour guides have the same Coast Guard safety licensing for their particular activities. Just think, on the way back to your hotel, you get to hear the kids animatedly talking about the fun they had on the Banana Boat ride. Score two for the parents and the awesome family vacation you planned.


And as you tuck them in for bed, you pull a hat trick, when you tell them that tomorrow you are taking them Parasailing at H2O Sports!  So after some excited whooping, giggles, and jumping on the bed, they finally settle down to sleep, hoping the next morning comes quickly.

As the day dawns, the kids wake you up to tell you to hurry up and get ready so the family can all go parasailing. It’s like Christmas morning! The parasailing adventure begins as you learn that there are 2 and 3 person flights, and that there’s always an H2O Sports captain aboard to keep you safe. Mom even gets over her fear of heights, as she decides to try it too. Guess what? She loved it and wants to go again. All she can talk about are the beautiful views while soaring with the birds, high above Hilton Head Island and the Calibogue Sound. Your nose is a little sunburned, but you take a moment to look around and see the whole family smiling, laughing, and enjoying the time together, so it doesn’t bother you at all.

As you leave H2O Sports, after your flying adventure, you look in the rear view mirror. The younger kids are whispering to each other about how high they flew and splashed down, and your once sullen, headphone wearing teenager catches your eye in the rear view mirror… She is smiling and as she mouth’s the words, “Thanks Dad”.

All is right in the world.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun activities to fill your schedule with in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Ready to see what real fun is all about? Visit our website at h2osports.com or give us a call at (877) 290-4386 for more information on how to get the fun started.

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