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Preparing Your Kids for Adventure Travel Begins with Fun Hilton Head Activities

When we were just a couple (before kids), we would travel anywhere we wanted to and try new things on a whim. It was as easy as tossing a clean t-shirt and a tooth brush into a knapsack and off we would go, without a care in the world. It was like that for a while, and then all of our fellow adventure friends began having babies. We noticed that they quickly stopped their activities and traveling, which really scared us. As a result, we vowed that when the time came for us to have children, we would take them with us everywhere we went and not let it stop us from exploring! For the most part, it worked. We strapped them to our bodies and off we went for hikes, day trips, and any fun Hilton Head activities we could find.

hilton head banana boat ridesWhen our kids got a little older, we started off small, like family camping trips in the backyard. Sometimes we would even hike to our friend’s house and then camp with them in THEIR backyard. We went all out stocking our backpacks with water and snacks before we set off on a new adventure. Sometimes we hiked at a local park, went kayaking, and even rode the Banana Boat at H2O Sports. We found tourist information for our own area and explored it like an out of town visitor would have. All the time, we were talking, laughing, and spending quality time with the each other while being active. We even let the kids do some research and make suggestions about the next activity or adventure we would undertake. Living on Hilton Head Island, it usually involved being in or around the water!

Somewhere along the way, we graduated to even more challenging activities that we had never tried before. We quickly found that each of us had different strengths and natural abilities. So while we thought we were just goofing off and playing together, we gained confidence in ourselves and a healthy respect for the abilities of our family members. This is something that we wouldn’t have experienced if we didn’t try to use our time together as a family to grow. One of the coolest things that happened was when one of our kids found something that they were good at, they would help everyone else out. (Usually me, since I am not very athletic!) We saw our adventures bring the camaraderie out in us as a group, along with the playful competition and usual trash talk that comes along with it.

Another result of our family adventuring was that we were able to take tons of pictures to document our activities, even the camping trip in our own back yard. Some goofy pictures, like the time when some of us fell into the water, all while trying to take a picture with the water in the background. There’s one that shows our littlest one, with complete seriousness and attention to detail, teaching her much older brother to do a cartwheel at the park. Or one of us all standing on the deck of an H2O Sports boat after parasailing. These memories line the walls of our house, and each and every one makes me smile.

We were unsure of how this would work or if the kids would even enjoy traveling and adventuring. Fortunately, it turned out well for our family. We just fed their desire to explore and be active. We read books and watched movies about different activities and destinations. We continue to spend active time together to this day. We learned a lot from these “adventures”. We learned about our kids and ourselves. Mainly, we have learned to see the world through their eyes each time we explore.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun activities to fill your schedule with in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Ready to see what real fun is all about? Visit our website at H2oSports.com or give us a call at (877) 290-4386 for more information on how to get the fun started.

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