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Hilton Head Alligator Tour – Ecological Epiphany

Come see the other native Americans as you take a tour of the indigenous life of the Sea Pines Resort Forest Preserve. The stars of the show are the majestic American Alligators. When you take a Hilton Head alligator tour you are travelling along side reptiles which have been an important part of shaping this ecosystem. They are considered a keystone species – an important part of making sure that these freshwater areas function as they should and an important environmental bellwether. As you tour Sea Pines Forest Preserve, you will be reminded of the importance of conservation and of the beauty and fragility of the natural world of our planet.

alligator11It’s funny that such a large and awe-inspiring creature should remind us of life’s delicate balance on this planet. The alligators on Hilton Head can grow up to twelve feet in length and are incredibly fast – they can outrun a horse over short distances. But were these alligators to become extinct, many species that have come to depend upon this keystone species may also face extinction. The people and alligators of Hilton Head have long learned to live together by sharing a mutual respect and leaving each other largely alone. This eco tour of Hilton Head’s 600 acre

preserve gives you the chance to see this important ecosystem without disturbing it.

When we realize the fragility of this world, we cannot help but to be impressed by seeing these predators in their natural home and we hope that beautiful places such as this will endure. We can do our part by taking these tours and appreciating the natural world, respecting it for what it is. Part of that respect is taking care of the wildlife and remembering to never feeding the alligators. It’s often said that a fed alligator is a dead alligator, as feeding makes these animals more aggressive and more likely to approach humans in search of food, at which point we can no longer live in harmony with them.

alligator3Travel safely and in comfort in a twelve passenger electric boat as you admire and move along with the alligators of Hilton Head on this eco alligator tour.

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